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Since she was a little girl, Karin Sokel has been asking the big questions: Who AM I? Why AM I here? What happens when I die? "The journey of exploring these profound questions is the purpose of my life. Expressing Who I am is the way that I live a purposeful life."

Karin is a Life Coach and Certified Organizational Consultant for Dr. Joe Dispenza's program, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself based on his best-selling book. Grounded in the principles of neuroscience, it utilizes new discoveries in "how the brain works" and teaches people how to harness the incredible power of their brains to make significant changes in their life. Meditation or "Mental Rehearsal" is fundamental to this change process, helping people unlock hidden habitual thinking that blocks them from their greatness.

Her work connects her with people who want more meaning in their lives, and the time, energy and freedom to live it. She is the owner of InFlow Coaching; a practice dedicated to helping people redesign their work and personal lives based on what really matters to them. She is a coach, teacher, community wellness instructor, writer, and workshop leader, sought after for her inspiring and down-to-earth approach to creating a deeply satisfying life. A leader in retreats and workshops on Self-Nurture and Self-Care in the workplace, she has gained knowledge from her own retreat experiences with self-care experts, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Cheryl Richardson, Deepak Chopra, MD, Andrew Weil, MD, Marianne Williamson and others. Karin's work has been featured in Ameriprise Financial's "Capital Insights" magazine, The Maryland Capital Gazette Newspaper, Tell Only the Women publications, talk-radio in Phoenix, AZ and interviewed on National Public Radio. Karin was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show where she shared her own life lessons and experiences inspired by the book, Tuesdays With Morrie. Her clients include executives, health care professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists, educators, and coaches. She also works with groups of individuals whose common goal is to create a deeply meaningful life by changing themselves from the inside-out within a group dynamic that is not only effective and transforming, but incredibly fun!

Karin brings her rich life, education and business experience to her work. She has studied and worked in Europe, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a program of emphasis in German, Psychology, and Sociology. She comes from an extensive business background, which includes entrepreneurship, corporate work, training, and facilitation. She has worked in the travel industry, sales, radio and television advertising and spent 10 years as a wellness consultant for the Johnson and Johnson Corp. She has served as an elected school board member, chaired numerous community organizations, and is trained in Primordial Sound Meditation, certified in Reiki and has served as a Hospice volunteer.

Karin has been coaching informally for most of her adult life, and received her formal coach training through the leading global provider of coach training programs, Coach U and is a graduate of Total Leadership Connections Leadership Training Program.

Her philosophy for life is based on her knowing that "within each of us is all the wisdom we need for living our best life, but in order to hear it, we must quiet the mind. Quieting the mind involves clearing the clutter from our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual space. This energy depleting clutter robs us living our best life. It blocks the natural flow; that state when we feel fully alive in every moment, where intuition is heightened, there is more clarity, creativity, simplicity and beauty. Flow is 'the process' of our lives. When we are in the Flow, we are in deeper relationship with all of our life. My principle intent in my work is to help my clients uncover and overcome the obstacles that keep them stuck and out of their natural flow."

Often this clutter - and block in Flow - shows up in the workplace through patterns of control, suppression and competition which breeds tension, anxiety, frustration and even boredom. Her work is about helping her clients do their internal work, identifying the patterns that constantly project onto those around them, and taking actions to shift their consciousness of work from self-centered ambition to love-centered service. Work is one of the key means by which we contribute to the world. Karin consistently asks herself and her clients the fundamental question about work and leadership. "Does my work and the roles I play in my life relate to my higher identity and purpose?" She believes that if life is to have deeper meaning, our work must become a vehicle through which we express who we are and why we're here.

Everyday Karin goes for a jog by the river near her home and takes some quiet time to watch the water flow. It is a simple reminder for her about life. A mother of three grown sons, she lives with her husband, John, and dogs, Nina and Nino in Arnold, MD.

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