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I offer personal and professional coaching to business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to restore balance and create more joy, success and fulfillment in all areas of life.

I offer the following services:

  • Individual Coaching
  • Group Coaching/Workshops
  • Speaking
As your coach we will meet once a week to dicuss your current problems, track achievement on goals, look into opportunities, and find ways to help you attain your personal definition of success.

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change your life.

Our everyday lives can wear us down so much we forget that life really is a gift we can squander without even being aware of it. For many, the big questions surface when life takes an unexpected turn - when the body, mind or spirit finally cries out for help. Or when we find ourselves at a crossroad, feeling stuck or confused about a job, a relationship, or who we’ve become....we may simply want to accomplish something big - and need the creative energy, the courage and support to make it happen.

My work as a coach is about helping others make those changes and connect with the marvelous and mysterious gift of their life. I’ve had many rich life experiences, but the most significant lessons are the ones that have given me clarity on “the big questions”.


1. Help you define what success means to you.

2. Gap the goal. Work with the you to bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

3. Help you reduce tolerations and distractions.

4. I will ask the right questions to get you FOCUSED!.

5. Improve you environment and help you design an environment to stimulate your growth and productivity.

6. Recommend top books to boost your success!

7. Share my inklings with you.

8. Be there for you. From the beginning, throughout and to the end! The value of coaching comes from the value of a great working relationship.

9. Help you master your craft.

10. Help you design a Perfect Life.

If you'd like to see what coaching could do for you, I invite you to call for a FREE CONSULTATION. Please contact me at or call at 410-349-0625
to find out more!

Let me help you make the most of your life experience!

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