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Read what clients are saying about how coaching with Karin Sokel
has created dramatic change in their lives.

"Karin's insight and wisdom are offered in a calm and soothing way. She listens deeply and completely and inspires by simply being present.

Karin's amazing insight is matched only by her contagious laughter and joy. She makes it easy to tap into joy and strength that circumstances sometimes shadow."

Allyson Cannata, MPT, RYT, CPT
(masters in physical therapy, registered yoga teacher,
certified personal trainer)

"As my coach, Ms. Karin Sokel has made a profound difference in my life; I now have a dedication to my purpose. She uses keen intelligence, coupled with kindness and humor, to create a mutual 'comfort zone'.  Prior to working with Karin, my immediate past was intense – caregiver to elderly parents; widow of a homicide victim. I felt robbed – or at least effectively neutralized – because I had no strategy to seek out my purpose. My old ways of coping were just worn out and I experienced true exhaustion, both physically and spiritually. Karin’s wise guidance has taught me how to nurture myself amid calmness or chaos; she has an uncanny “laser beam” intuitive sense. She knows when to let me float and when to recommend focus, so that I can enjoy experiencing my unique purpose.

Karin is a magnificent coach with remarkable insight.
I highly recommend her."

Lillian Currie Johnson
Corporate Bank Officer/Paralegal

"Karin always says the right things in the right way. The world makes a lot more sense and everything seems to fall into place after talking to her. That is a wonderful gift you have. Coaching was invented with you in mind. :) Thanks dear friend for all you give to me."

Elizabeth Elston – Phoenix, AZ
Teacher, Entrepreneur

“Once in a while I have had the opportunity to work with someone who just walks into my life and touches my heart like never before. Karin is that type of person.

There is something very special about Karin that just makes me smile when I work with her. She has an unconquerable spirit and a reverence for life that is truly hard to match.

Karin has personally helped me to orient my life around my values, while helping my business to grow, expand and prosper.

Karin continually reminds me to cherish the journey along the way and I can just see that twinkle in her eye even if we are speaking over the phone.

Karin is gentle, thoughtful, thorough and kind, and I wholeheartedly encourage you or your company to work with her, and to allow her to assist you in creating an attractive life.

If you enjoy working with sincere people who are true listeners, Karin is your type of person. If you absolutely enjoy people who believe in you and ask you to take steps where you may not have gone before, then definitely call Karin and my deepest sense is that you will be glad you did.

For brevity’s sake, I’ll stop here, but I am more than happy to share with you in greater depth how Karin has enhanced my overall quality of life.”

Dr. Jason Kolber, Phoenix, AZ

"Karin is one of those people who has found her true calling. She is the total embodiment of calm and insightfulness that everyone needs in a life guide. She's able to instantly create a safe and secure environment that enables you to stop fooling yourself and admit your truth. She has always made me feel accepted for who I am as a person - what an amazing and rare gift that is."

Kimberly Stevens
Business Life Coach

"Karin's style of coaching is so nurturing, caring and empowering. Working with her helped me to clarify some of my career goals and then put them into motion. She has a wonderful way of asking just the right questions to get you thinking. She also has a way of listening that makes you feel completely heard and validated. I truly enjoyed my coaching sessions with her and felt that the process helped me tremendously."

-Ruth Shock,
Certified Yoga Instructor and Licensed Social Worker

"I just wanted to let you know that you have been an inspiration to me. You have helped me begin the journey of self-discovery and provided support every step of the way. You will never know how much you helped me throughout the process of my mother's death and how truly touched I was that you made the trip to come to her funeral, even though we had never met. Recently, when a roadblock presented itself, you were the first person I thought to call. You were the voice of reason and common sense. You helped me see not only my side of the situation, but the other person's as well. Your thoughtfulness has touched me beyond words and I thank you for your supportive coaching and your friendship. You have truly made a difference in my life."

Diane M. Lamb
Attorney at Law
Deputy for the Attorney General, State of NJ

"Thanks so much for your amazing insight ~ keep it coming!

I now know why you are a coach. You have a great comfort about yourself and a great confidence in the “Flow”. I don’t need to tell you, but you are on the path and it is beautiful to see.

I won’t take time to explain, but our visit was very helpful to me in a very important area of my life. Your listening (and I violated one of my greatest principles of trying to do far more listening than talking) allowed me to express things that I’ve since our lunch come to know needed to be expressed. So thank you. See… you gave me a gift and didn’t even know it!"

Joseph F. McCormick

"I came to Karin having enjoyed a level of success, having had the ah-ha moments, having experienced some of life’s “coincidences” that come to those of us who have put ourselves out there in the flow. Situations, job assignments, connections, people, seemed to materialize just as I needed them. My dreams of writing professionally had been realized. I was also happily working with children in a newly created job that dropped into my lap. I sought Karin’s help in tidying up the areas of my life that were less than perfect. Taking several of her classes, I worked on my NEEDLESS and WHAT AM I TOLERATING? lists. Healthy and happy, I was on top of my game, and on top of the world.

A difficult -- make that impossible -- new magazine editor, a publisher paring back on the number of book titles and consequently the number of assignments, and a change in command in the school system turned my employment picture upside down. Jobs I had loved became non-existent, or terribly troubling. An angry teen-aged son, aging parents with downright scary health problems, and the constant, day-to-day coping with my own recently diagnosed illness and its complications teamed up to make me wonder what had happened to my idyllic life. Had I peaked early? Was it all downhill from here?

Karin Sokel assured me that was not the case. She has helped me to cope with the truly monumental issues that I am facing right now. She has steered me back to extreme self-care and back to foundation work that I CAN control, even though much of that around me is spinning out of control. Having had success, and the feeling of total well-being, I may have presented Karin with one of her more difficult coaching scenarios. I KNOW what it’s supposed to feel like. I have tasted that rich, delicious thing called success. Karin is well aware that I want it back! And she has helped me to obtain it once more.
Slowly, the tide is changing. Two months ago I had ‘em laughing at my first professional public speaking engagement. Last month a door opened to allow me to teach another different group of students at the local community college.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go clean out a closet, getting rid of things to make room for better things in my life -- just as soon as I finish my aerobic workout and meditative walk!"

Mary Hughes
Severna Park, MD
Jill of all Trades:
I Share with Others through Writing and Teaching with Humor

"Karin Sokel is a fabulous Life Coach! I have experienced Karin as the Coach of a small group of women and as a personal Coach. Her belief that "extreme self care" is most important in ones life has been transforming for me. By practicing "extreme self care" I am experiencing an unusual sense of inner freedom. Karin's encouragement and support is genuine and uplifting. As my coach she helps keep me focused on my goals, large and small. She's a great Coach!"

Jeannie Wehner
(Office Manager, Building Contractor, Personal Coach)

"I am fortunate to have been a member of a group session led by Karin Sokel. She exhibits and demonstrates a sincere interest and concern in each individual member - I had only a brief one on one with her - but it was clear that she would be most effective as a "life coach" to anyone fortunate to have her."

Joyce D. Drew
Senior Citizen

"I met Ms. Sokel during a very difficult time in my life. In 2002, I lost both my Dad and Aunt. They passed away within six months of each other. Losing two such important people from my life, left me grieving and in emotional overload.

I attended Karin's group retreat on managing change in one's life. Karin kindness and support made this a wonderful experience for me. Karin created a safe environment, which allowed me to explore new ideas, life techniques and focus my thoughts.

There were many helpful tools given during Karin's group session. One in particular, kept me honest and true to my goals. It was follow-up conference calls with all the attendees. It is easy to leave a retreat with the best of intentions and do nothing more. Trust me, reporting your progress or lack of it to new friends is a great way to stay on track. It was all done with good will and humor.

I think you will find Karin’s professionalism and up beat attitude to be a real asset to furthering your life goals."

Anne Fisher
San Ramon, CA

"Karin makes you feel that nothing is more important to her than your concerns. She listens intently and provides insights that help you see the light and find the way to nourish your soul."

Judy Long
Vice President
Aon Consulting
Conshohocken, PA

"I wanted to acknowledge you for all of your encouraging and thoughtful e-mails. Our work ~ during and since our retreat has had an enormous impact on my life. I can feel myself reaching out in new directions which not even I knew I would until the thought just appeared to do so.
I don't always understand what is happening but I am certainly enjoying the surprises. I feel a little like a boat lost in a storm and which has now decided on a path to follow even though I don't know where it will lead me.
It's not scary yet. So I just keep letting it unfold. I hope this makes some kind of sense.
Thank you for being the lighthouse with infinite wattage so that no matter where I am, I can see a light."

Ronda Hunter
Lansing, MI

"I went to a retreat in Hilton Head, South Carolina recently called
Managing Change. After all, I had just changed every part of my
life; new job, loss of a relationship, sold a house, all 3000 miles away from any major form of support. Karin's approach to managing life change was supportive, informative and professional. The skills I took away from that session will help me the rest of my life. But I took away something more.

Karin has found her calling in life as a coach. Her knowledge and her passion to acquire tools to help her clients is incomparable. Her ability to touch each client on a personal level, to empower them to change, is a gift. Her rare ability to lead her clients to the light, instead of simply giving them the answers, has helped empower me to meet major life changes with support, love and strength. I would not have gotten that anywhere else. Words cannot describe her abilities, you must see it for yourself."

Lisa LoVullo
Insurance Professional, Ventura, CA




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