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Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

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The Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself workshop is designed for organizations and businesses who recognize their most precious resource is their people. If your organization is serious about building an emotionally intelligent, resilient, creative and fully engaged workforce then this workshop is a powerful motivator for personal change.

The Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself one day program utilizes new discoveries in "how the brain works" and applies these findings to change and manage businesses and organizations. There is a true science to "changing your mind " and once you understand the "why", the "how" comes naturally.

Businesses are asking employees to break old habits that are no longer useful or productive and create new ones that better support the needs of a 21st century organization. With a dynamic combination of science and accessible how-to, Dr. Joe will teach you that the most important tool in your body and your Brain.

Join Dr. Dispenza and make significant shifts in your organization and become more:

  • Creative and less rigid
  • Trusting and ethical
  • Productive
  • Customer centric and less function-focused
  • Open to new ideas

Transform your organization into a new way of thinking, doing and being!

In this one day program, participants will:

  • Learn how the brain works and key concepts of neuroplasticity
  • Determine changes they want to make
  • Identify a habit to work on during this course
  • Apply practices based on neuroscience to this habit
  • Experience how to mentally re-wire the brain

About Dr. Dispenza

Dr. Dispenza has worked closely with master trainers and curriculum design experts to create a program to be delivered to businesses and organizations. This 8 hour course, based on the book, "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself", teaches individuals how to harness the incredible power of their brain to make significant changes in their life. Through a rigorous application, selection and certification process, he has personally certified Karin Sokel to deliver his work.

Click here to learn more about this foundational workshop and how it will make significant shifts in your company or organization.

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