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"Women Traveling Together was my first experience going anywhere by myself. It was exciting and also scary. I have been married in basically a "status quo" relationship for approximately 14 years with three growing children, 21 years,19 years, and 15 years old. Being a pediatric nurse for 20 years and "CEO" of my household, I have lost myself due to putting everything on the back burner and utilizing my entire "being" for the family and work. While I was searching for something meaningful on the internet, I came across the group Women Traveling Together retreat with the topic "Living your passion and dreams" which struck a chord in me. With some trepidation, I signed on for the retreat in Sedona, Arizona last year.

As I stated, it was scary and thrilling at the same time to go to somewhere by myself and to meet with 16 strangers. The retreat was led by Karin Sokel, and after the first 5 minutes, I felt totally comfortable. Karin "set" the atmosphere to be relaxed, stimulating, as well as very informative. Unlike some seminar leaders, Karin was very warm, personable, and made herself available for anyone's personal conference. I was fortunate to share some personal time with Karin. She was a very empathetic and supportive listener.
The four days of the retreat went unbelievably fast but I did acquire a great deal of information as well as a unique kinship with some of the women at the retreat. I believe it was mainly Karin that set the stage for that development.

Being exceedingly quite busy, Karin found time to e-mail some reference books that helped me in dealing with some of my life stressors and have passed them on to others.
I believe that Karin is a special type of person that is truly interested in assisting people with all her tools, skills, wisdom, and knowledge to help them find their individual happiness and purpose in life. I feel honored to have met Karin and only wish her the best in the future."

Anne Feldman
Pediatric Nurse, Costa Mesa, CA

"I want to tell you that last year’s Sedona retreat was life changing for me. After our discussions, I made a decision to move to Delaware and alter my life style. This past year has presented some problems, but I am continuing to use the skills that were discussed during that powerful retreat. I am so looking forward to next February for yet another retreat with you in Sedona.

I am retired and thoroughly enjoying life! Thank-you!"

Irene Rubin

"Karin goes beyond the description as "the real deal." This woman is as genuine as they come. A hospice patient touched her life, gave her a sense of loving truth that transcends the feelings that one may have for a spouse and their kids. She is able to gently, firmly in only the most positive way give a human being, whether it is myself, or anyone else, the direction, a caring point of view that someone only expects from family or the very nearest and deepest of friends.

I have been with Karin as she facilitated four 4-day workshops, her poise is unwavering, and as my attention span wandered after a 12 or 13 hour day, she was "right there," fresh, and "with the program."

I am a middle-aged upper middle-class Woodstock generation family business owner. I had lost my way in life, and was mildly to deeply immersed in the "pain, pain killer, alcohol" syndrome. Through my work with the entire group at Total Leadership Connections, I was given not only a glimpse, but a tear filled revelation of how family and relatives, through no fault of their own, pass on the patterns, the bullets for your holster; to shoot yourself in the foot for the rest of your life, and never know why!

At this point I believe all of the revelations, all of the "ah ha's " would have been a wondrous memory, something to think back on when things in life don't make sense. Wouldn't it be wonderful if each day the value of that precious memory was shown to you when you most need it? What I needed and received through Karin’s clear coaching was a reminder ~ and an important accountability. She provides gentle and loving nudges ~ reminds me to "hold the ball firmly”, but instead of always heading straight for that defenses line, to move a bit to the left. She supports me in using my teammates to make a path to bring me to the goal line amidst the applause of my team and the fans who just want me to succeed.

Karin is as attractive as any cheerleader. But, Karin is the coach. The goal is to win the ballgame. She reminds you of the path of truthful love that will keep you to the game plan to be the best that you can be. May I say that again, to be the best that you can be."

Jack Sigel
Owner, Fairway, Inc.

"To think I almost didn't go to the retreat because, after all, what did I really need to know about myself? But after a few brief hours, I was so very glad, not only that I went, but that I had the chance to see you in action.

It was so evident that you had spent countless hours preparing the most meaningful ways to spend the too few days that we'd all be together. No time was wasted yet no one felt hurried. With your guidance, we all worked to support each other and surely everyone left a more serene,
yet motivated person.

What skills you possess in helping people go down the right path. Pat yourself on the back for achieving this ability--I know it has taken years of diligence and hard work on your part, but believe me, you've made it! Karin, I know we will stay in touch over the years even if it's just to check in periodically. For me, it is a comfort just knowing you are around."

Bobbie Henry
Orlando, FL

"Karin Sokel is as unique as the pronunciation of her name. As an African American woman, with my first glance of a retreat facilitated by Karin Sokel, I believed I could predict who and what I would encounter at a retreat 3000 miles away conducted and attended by women who were sure to be unlike myself. Why I attended is still a bit of a mystery except that I trusted “Women Traveling Together” the organization behind the retreat, I love to travel, I was searching for purpose in my life, and I enjoy new experiences. “Karin” not “Karen” did not disappoint. She provided an experience I hoped to achieve, not the experience I expected.

Karin executes a nurturing yet empowering inclusive atmosphere among the most varied participants. Everyone left with renewed intentional approach to her life, with clear priorities, boundaries, and a shift of consciousness. It was an exercise in self-care and true return to spirit."

Stacey Horton
San Francisco, CA

"I met Karin Sokel when she facilitated a weekend on finding and listening to your intuition. I brought along my mother and my sister who I believed both needed to be empowered. Karin did that for them and for me as well. She is an angel who comes into your life and touches each person in a different way.

There is an unexplainable component of her personality that allows women from all walks of life to unveil their true selves to her. She withholds judgment and creates a safe environment just by being herself. She's a therapist, the cheerleader you want to be friends with, the girl next door and a definite leader all wrapped into one. Once you've met Karin, you'll never forget her ...
just ask my mom."

Joanne LaMarca
TV Producer/Writer

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