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Move Your Life! is a group coaching program for people who want to experience a fun, healthy, adventurous way to achieve what they really want for their lives. The program will support you to:

  • Focus on what really matters
  • Open the door to possibilities
  • Identify and remove barriers
  • Develop a compelling action plan
  • Take those actions
  • Celebrate success!

Designed for groups of 8-10 individuals, Move Your Life Teams are led by Life Coach Karin Sokel.

Groups of friends, co-workers, book clubs, and organizations make ideal
teams and can be registered together by request.

When do Teams meet? Move Your Life Teams meet regularly throughout a four-month period. Each team meets for three hours, two times per month typically the first and third weeks of the month. Each team determines the schedule that works best for all. Sessions are held Monday-Thursday.

  • Morning, afternoon and evening sessions are available to accommodate most work and lifestyles.
  • Groups meet rain or shine (dress appropriately).

What happens in the sessions? Each session begins with 30 minutes of gentle movement followed by two hours of group coaching. Groups meet rain or shine.

Movement: Meditative movement like walking, hiking and Yoga are important aspects of the Move Your Life program because it helps participants access a “flow” state using breathing, rhythmic movement and energy. Immediate benefits of this process include increased energy, less stress, mood control, mental clarity, and inner connection.

  • Walking/hiking can be done alone or with others. Silence is strongly encouraged.
  • Movement level of this program is “easy,” but it's recommended you have the approval of your doctor.
  • All participants are asked to bring drinking water.

Group Coaching: Group coaching is one of the most powerful and cost effective ways to move forward by accessing the experience, wisdom, and support of a caring team of people. In a non-judgmental, supportive environment, each person in the team is given creative input, clarity, direction and personal attention. The team gives each other feedback, brainstorms new possibilities, and sets up accountability structures that keep everyone focused and in action around goals.

Where do Teams meet? Teams meet in natural, beautiful environments within our community, such as parks, beaches, or wooded areas perfect for walking, hiking and Yoga. Group work takes place in an enclosed or covered meeting area nearby.

Celebrate with an Adventure! (Optional/Additional Cost) At the completion of 90 days, teams choose a fun—even outrageous—adventure to celebrate the successes and friendships shared.

For example:
Kayaking, sailing, white water rafting, spa day, horse-back riding, biking,
sky-diving, rock-climbing, skiing, a picnic, day trip, fishing, share a great meal together at a fun restaurant, weekend retreat (you get the idea!)

Investment: $150 per month

To Register: Contact Karin Sokel ~ (410) 349-0625 ~

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