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2005 Move Your Mind... Move Your Life! retreat

“The retreat objectives blended will with Miraval’s theme of mindfulness and balance.”

“Karin’s retreat leadership seemed about as close to ideal as I think one can get. Because of her knowledge, experience and skills; I saw her not only as a facilitator, but as a participant as well. I’m sure that’s why I felt as comfortable as I did.”

“I am recognizing patterns when they happen and taking action to let go of the destination and just optimize the journey. It’s not about surviving, it’s about living.”

“Miraval’s lifestyle premise of mindfulness and choices was quite suitable and in sync with the theme of the retreat.”

“Karin’s knowledge of materials presented and discussed were admirable. Her style was authentic, caring, and open to feedback, questions, and discussion. Her willingness to use her own life’s struggles was not only helpful, but an invitation to look at our personal struggles with new eyes and compassion.”

“I feel the topics are important at this crucial time in our world and by paying attention and being present I can truly make wiser choices and take pleasure in co-creating my life.”

“What I liked best about the retreat were the extraordinary women I met, watched, listened to, and shared with … all around the theme of the retreat. Also, the personal letter each of us received from Karin BEFORE the retreat began and her being in touch with us afterwards. I look forward to the conference calls to help remind us of our “inner knowing” and to assist us on keeping on track.”

“I thought Karin did a great job! She was flexible when needed, but she also managed to squeeze everything in at times when we were most receptive to the information. She let us be part of the decision-making process, which was important at this type of retreat. Karin had a good understanding of the complex subject(s) we discussed and was able to relate them to us in layman’s terms using stories, examples and quotes. We really just touched on Karin’s knowledge over the 4 days we were together. That’s another reason I’d like to do a follow-up retreat.”

“What I liked best about the retreat was sharing each other’s stories and helping each other move past roadblocks that we had set up for ourselves. Also making new friends that you can talk to about almost anything!”

“Miraval catered to your every need. A wonderful place to find the balance in your life.”

“Karin’s ability to connect with everyone, at the level of experience and knowledge that they were at, was wonderful. She was able to adjust well to changing timeframes to accommodate tired travelers, yet not create chaos. This allowed everyone the time to schedule “me” time, and enjoy the wonderful amenities that Miraval had to offer.”

“What I liked best about the retreat was Karin and all the wonderful women who shared deeply about their lives, and in so doing, gave me a great opportunity for my own growth.”

“The group atmosphere was incredibly supportive and I felt very comfortable with everyone. Everyone that we met at Miraval was extremely nice and very accommodating. They definitely practice mindfulness. They practice what they teach. You could do lots of soul searching either taking a hike or enjoying a massage or just sitting in the quiet room and looking out over the mountains.”

“Miraval complemented the content of the retreat perfectly.”

“Karin’s knowledge, organizational and leadership skills were excellent. Her warm and caring nature is perfect for this kind of retreat.”

“The topics that were covered helped me to see my life and personal issues in a completely new perspective, and has opened my eyes to a whole new meaning to the words forgiveness and courage.”

“I thought Karin’s retreat leadership was excellent. I really enjoyed her desire to learn as well. It was great that she didn’t spoon-feed knowledge; she presented the ideas instead and let us get what we needed from them. She also showed that she was learning too, which I appreciated because I kind of expected someone pompous who already had all of the answers, and I don’t think I could have been as open with someone like that.”

“The topics covered in the retreat sessions have already changed my life for the better. In particular, the discussion on how to be authentic and the focus exercise have led to more peace in my life and opened the door for me to move on to my other important goals. I am grateful.”

“What I liked best about the retreat was beautiful Miraval, Karin, the people. I liked everything best! It was a wonderful experience.”

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