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Women Travel Together’s recent retreat in Hilton Head, S.C. concerned change; the difficulty of change, the possibility of change, and ultimately, the acceptance of change. In our own time, each of us will move through our life transitions, some wanted and planned, others hitting us head-on when least expected, often leaving us feeling “stuck”. Whatever form change takes, we are always left with a sense of loss. Even good change can pull up emotions around the loss of the life we knew.

Our days together were
emotional, empowering
and fun.
Having studied the change process, I understood this as the women attending this retreat introduced themselves that first night together, sharing why they had come. Our work over the next several days fluctuated between feeling and facing the fears which were unfolding in each woman’s life, and understanding and embracing their personal power in order to view and manage change as opportunity for growth and a new, exciting life direction.

Our days together were emotional, empowering and fun. Why? Because central to each retreat, is the act of women sharing their stories. They were shared over meals, during walks on the beach, during sessions. We laughed, we cried, we grew through the shared life experiences and support. There is very little superficiality when a group of women ~ even strangers ~ come together and get really real about what is meaningful and most important. We used the natural environment, the sandy beaches to bury what we no longer wanted in our lives, and the ocean tides to move our dreams into the flow.

We walked into that room that first night as strangers with our stories. We left, and continue to be a strong support system ~ nine friends who deeply care for one another.

~ Karin Sokel ~
Life Coach & Retreat Leader

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