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Favorite memories from this retreat? Undoubtedly, these amazing women in action ~ courageous, fun, authentic women whose passion for life, growth and contribution leaves me in awe. During workshop times, meals, quiet hikes in the gorgeous red rocks, they lovingly opened their minds and hearts to one another, to new ways of thinking, and to the possibilities for their lives.

opened their minds and hearts to one another, to new ways of thinking, and to the possibilities for their lives
For four days we explored the powerful ideas below, brainstormed action plans and now, continue to support one another through emails, phone calls and our monthly group conference calls. Here’s how we are growing…

Have you ever considered the thoughts you think in a 24-hour period? Statistics tell us that 70% of the thoughts we think each day are fear-based, thoughts such as worry, regret, jealousy, guilt, control, worthlessness, competition, resentment, etc ~ which always lead to self-defeating action ~ or inaction. Fear-based thoughts come from the ego, that part of us that almost always needs stroking due to the never-ending messages that we’re just not good enough. The other 30% of our daily thoughts come from our inner true Selves, the core of Who we really are. Thoughts such as love, peace, possibility, compassion, joy, gratitude, beauty, creativity, etc., are thoughts that inspire us to take meaningful action and naturally put us in the flow of our lives.

Our days together in Sedona were spent delving into the quality of our thoughts and the power we give them. High atop Cathedral Rock, one of the most sacred sites in the world, we moved deeper into the awareness that our thoughts have the power to change our reality. Quantum physics shows us that our thoughts are literally ~ waves of energy that attract “like” energy back to us. In other words, think a fearful thought, and you’ll attract something, someone, or a situation that triggers more fear-based thinking.
Think thoughts ~ and put your conscious attention ~ on peace, love, gratitude, unlimited possibilities, and watch your world blossom.

We are powerful beyond measure. Your thoughts create your reality. Live fearlessly!

~ Karin Sokel, Life Coach and Retreat Leader ~

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